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btioga-viantapa to the god Vitthala ;* presented a valuable
crown to god Baghunatha of the Malyavanta hill; and offered
a pearl-necklace to god Virabhadra of the Matanga hill. He
also established the Brahmans in agraharas. (3).
Nnrafimhapttranam: 21, 22, 24; Andhra. Sahitya Parisat Publications, No. 18.
Rudradeva Maharaya of the Kakatiya family ruled until
. 1240; then the Reddis, from the time of Prolaya Vema-
reddi to that of Raca Vemareddi ruled until S. 1340 for a
period of one hundred years. Then the country passed under
the sway of Grajapatis.f Then, Praudha Devaraya, the lord of
the Narapati throne defeated the Gajapatis, and annexed the
land. His rule commenced in S. 1360.
Kaijiyat of MutkijUtii, L. R.  3, p. 492.
Then, Langula Grajapati, the lord of the Grajapati throne,
conquered all the hill and land forts from Cuttack to Udayagiri.
He ruled for a period of twelve years (S. S. 1342-1353), when
he repaired the (old) fort, and constructed the new ones called
Pedamalemkota and Cinamalemkota.
Then the country passed under the sway of the Narapati
kings of Anegondi. Pratapa Devaraya ruled for 7 years ; and
Harihara 17 ; both these kings ruled for a period of 24 years ;
(S. S. 1354-1376). The Narapatis were ezpelled once again
by the Gajapatiking Kapilesvara, who conquered the country
In S. S. 1377 and ruled for seven years until . S. 1383. He
was succeeded by his valiant son, Purusottania, who subdued
many countries. He also defeated Nrsimhadevaraya and
captured the city of Vijayanagara.
Kaifiyat of Kondwtdu, Mac. Jlfss. 15-4-40, pp. 6-17.
* The prevailing opinion is that the VifcthalasYami temple was built by Krna-
devaraya and his successors ; but the present extract shows that it -was in existence long
before the Tu]uvas came to power.
fThe village chronicles of the Guntuz District invariably refer to a Gajapati con-
quest of the Konflaviflu kingdom immediately after the downfall of the R4$w- Tha avail-
able evidence lias nothing to offer in support of this statement.